Wicker storage Basket

gift basket for women ESGB003

Quick Details:

gift basket for women


Large Size:Length:46CM,Width:38CM,height:40CM

Med Size:Length:40CM,Width:32CM,Height:35CM


Carton Size:83*77*90CM/8SET/16KGS

Do not wash by hand or machine,Cleaning with soft brush or wet cloth

Min Quantity:500pcs

Color,Material,Box Size can be customized,min quantity 500pcs

1Customized sample time:7 days.

2Min quantity 500pcs product time 25 days

3We can sew Design Pattern on Box or Print Design Pattern on Box

4Packing detailed can be customized.

5If you need C&F price,please tell me Destination Port,and ship by air or sea.

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