Nonwoven Material Thickness Introduction



Nonwoven Material Thickness Introduction

Nonwoven material thickness introduction Non-woven bag thickness is measured by per square meter of gram, non-woven fabric is now on the market of the more popular a kind of cloth, usually can do non-woven bag, higher level of non-woven fabric can make medical masks, medical protective clothing, etc., the thickness of the non-woven bags can be customized, general publicity materials bag, advertising bags, gift bags, Shopping bags usually use material thickness of 60g, 75g, 90g, 100g, 120g; (Mainly based on the weight that customers need to bear) 75 grams, 90 grams are the thickness that most customers choose. How to choose non-woven material thickness? For example, if we want to use non-woven fabric to do non-woven bag, we should first know that the material specifications of non-woven bag is calculated by grams (g). In general, the non-woven environmental protection shopping bags in the market are mostly 70-90g, so how to accurately choose customized thickness? First of all, it should be clear that different thickness bearing capacity is not the same. A 70g bag usually bears about 4Kg. 80G can be about 10Kg. More than 100g can bear about 15kg. Of course, according to the production process. Ultrasound is about five kilograms. And seam and hit forked reinforcement can maximize the bearing performance of cloth. So different industries and uses can choose different thickness according to the cost. If it is the inner packing of clothing shoe bag, 60g is ok. And the outer packaging of small goods and advertising non-woven bags, 70G can also be used. But for the sake of quality and beauty, it is generally not going to save this cost. If food or larger goods, more than 5kg, it is recommended that more than 80g of cloth, and the production process also needs to be sewn mainly. Therefore, choose the thickness of non-woven fabric, according to their use and commodity bearing needs, according to the above reference data can be appropriately selected.

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